We advise individuals and organizations from the private and public sectors, mainly corporations, in developing solutions to address the challenges of corporate governance, ethics, compliance and integrity, focused on the adoption of international standards and best practices.
We evaluate, diagnose problems, identify synergies to exploit, design and help implement responses, policies and procedures. With this, we help our clients build a solid corporate governance, with an area of ​​compliance and a culture of integrity that forms a single, integrated and effective body.
We build solutions tailored to each case, taking into account internal and environmental variables, considering the role of stakeholders and with an attentive look at future developments. We work as a team with our clients, their boards and in-house teams, as well as their external advisors, in alliance with specialized expert firms in Chile and abroad, to provide the best service.
We firmly believe that good corporate governance and a culture of integrity, with sincere support from the board and senior management, allows organizations to significantly reduce their risks, improve their competitiveness and promote their future sustainability, as well as to build a solid reputation.