Corporate governance

  • Review and diagnosis of corporate governance structures

  • Design of solutions and implementation of best practices and international standards

  • Advice to Boards, Board Secretaries and Legal Departments

  • Design, implementation and review of codes, policies and procedures

  • Training

Ethics and compliance

  • Review and diagnosis of ethics and compliance programs 

  • Development of compliance programs for crime prevention (Law 20,393): anti-corruption, antitrust, consumer rights, environment, data protection, among others

  • Risk identification, exposed charges and appropriate controls

  • Development and update of policies, procedures or protocols

  • Design and implementation of hotline channels

  • Development of internal investigations or advice on their conduction

  • Evaluation and monitoring of the effectiveness of compliance programs

Integrity and culture

  • Advice to boards and managers in the construction of the tone at the top

  • Design of training plans and training according to the level of risk exposure of employees

  • Design of dissemination and awareness plans for corporate values, policies or internal norms in general

  • Development of tools for measuring the perception of integrity

  • Definition of indicators of integrity culture management

  • Development and update of codes and policies

Board evaluations

  • Advice for the evaluation of Boards' performance

  • Individual self-assessment and group evaluation 

  • Optional evaluation of Committees, the President and peers

  • Modules specialized in compliance and ESG

  • Bilingual online questionnaire and individual interview

  • External evaluation

  • Service rendered in partnership with EY

Data governance

  • Advice on compliance with personal data protection regulations

  • Data governance structuring

  • Advice on structuring definitions, attributions and procedures

  • Solution design and training

  • Joint work with European experts in the implementation of data protection standards under EU's GDPR


Legal advice

  • We offer the implementation of the legal solutions required for corporate advice

  • We work as a team with internal teams as well as local and foreign law firms, involving specialists in matters not covered by our own services